“The recent elections in Latin America have exhibited the same

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cheap jordans in china Lopez Obrador’s win puts a leftist leader at the helm of Latin America’s second largest economy for the Cheap jordan first time in decades, a prospect that has filled millions of Mexicans with hope and the nation’s elites with trepidation.The outcome represents a clear rejection of the status quo in the nation, which for the past quarter century has been defined by a centrist vision and an cheap jordan uk embrace of globalization that many Mexicans feel has not served them.Story continues below advertisementThe core promises of Lopez Obrador’s campaign to end corruption, reduce violence and address Mexico’s endemic poverty were immensely popular with voters, but they come with questions he and his new government may struggle to answer.Read also: Why Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is winning the hearts of votersTrudeau congratulates Lopez Obrador on winning Mexican presidencyHow he will pay for his ambitious slate of social programs cheap jordan doernbecher without overspending and harming the economy? How will he rid the government of bad actors when some of those same people were a part of his campaign? Can he make a dent in the unyielding violence of the drug war, which left Mexico with more homicides in the past year than any time in the past two decades?And how will Lopez Obrador, a firebrand with a tendency to dismiss his critics in the media and elsewhere, govern?In the end, the nation’s desire for change outweighed any of the misgivings the candidate inspired.”It is time for a change, it’s time to go https://www.cheapjordanshoessaless.com with Lopez Obrador, and see what happens,” said Juan de Dios Rodriguez, 70, a farmer in the state of Hidalgo, a long time bastion of the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which has dominated politics in Mexico for nearly his entire life. “This will be my first time voting for a different party.”Story continues below advertisementAndres Manuel Lopez Obrador decisively won Mexico’s presidency, setting the stage for the most left wing government in decades at a time of tense relations with the Trump administration. ReutersIn his third bid for the presidency, Lopez Obrador, 64, won in what officials called the largest election in Mexican history, with some 3,400 federal, state and local races contested cheap jordan 5 metallic in all.A global repudiation of the establishment has brought populist leaders to power in the United States and Europe, and conservative ones to several countries in Latin America, including cheap jordan for sale Colombia after an election in June.”The recent elections in Latin America have exhibited the same demand for change,” said Laura Chinchilla, the former president of Costa Rica. cheap jordans in china

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