The password collection Web page appeared

The most intriguing place that this technology could (and should) be used is in developing regions of the world that do not have ready access to electric grids. Aluminum air battery research has led to the development of large battery banks that could be used to power sanitation and building efforts in third world countries. This can include simple water purification systems, medical diagnostic tools, and even power to whole houses or communities until an infrastructure can be put into place..

But on Wednesday (November 7), Grande kept the Sweetener spirit alive with the release of the atmospheric “Breathin” video (and no, Piggy Smallz is nowhere in sight for this one). The vid is inspired by Ari’s struggles with anxiety, and finds her wandering a bustling train station where strangers dart by in fast motion. Director Hannah Lux Davis weaves in shots of Grande singing on a pile of suitcases (a metaphor for emotional baggage?) and strolling through a foggy space in an oversized jacket.

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My driver was one of the first women in the history of Saudi Arabia to get a traffic violation. Things have changed a lot since then. On Sunday June 24, the longstanding ban against women driving was lifted, a historic day not just for women, but also for a nation that is finally shrugging off antiquated ideas of what women can, and cannot do..

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