Scams focus on getting paid and making money rather than on

Remember when Saturday meant going to the park or enjoying a night out with friends? People who are passionate about what they do may find themselves taking work home with them, or they might work on days when they wouldn work at other jobs. Pretty soon, life is getting out of sync and balance is lost. Instead of going out to the park on a Saturday, that person is sitting at a desk working away or is following up on a client meeting..

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The number one thing to remember about past abuse is that just because one person was able to trigger your stuff doesnt mean other people will do the same. Regaining trust in a new partner will take time. My bf came out of a 30 year shitty marriage and overreacted to a bunch of things i said very poorly in the beginning.

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Focus on Money Rather Than Work The only way to make money from home is to find a company or clients who are willing to pay you to provide services that they need and who are willing to allow you to do so from home. Scams focus on getting paid and making money rather than on work that can be performed in a telecommuting environment. When you come across any type of opportunity or announcement that focuses on “get rich working from home” rather than on “provide X services from the convenience of your home”, you are looking at a scam..

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