Most regular tops just don’t have enough material in them to

From Albert Einstein’s renowned equation E = mc^2, we can derive how much energy is released when there is a net loss in mass. Fission refers to the process where an atom is split into two smaller ones. The larger atom is heavier than the two smaller atoms are combined.

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I get matches who end up ghosting me the day we supposed to go out. I trying to not let it get to me but honestly I starting to feel like I not worth anyone else time. Hard not to when I the common denominator in all of it. You sometimes spend hours or days working on a single problem with an ever approaching deadline. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a step back, relax for 15 30 minutes and come back to the problem. Hell I found solutions to some of my biggest problems out on my smoke breaks while not even trying to think about the work I was doing.

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