When will you get started working on your vertical jump the

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cheap adidas American statistics and polling analysissite FiveThirtyEight gave Trump a 30 per cent chance of victory going into the final few days. This chance thesame as winning at rock, paper, scissors was generous compared to other forecasters.While the national polling average for the popular vote was within a three percentage point margin of error, they failed to see the movements in particular states that would convert Trump’s lower number of votes into electoral victory.On the morning of the election, the Telegraph’s electoral college vote tracker showed thatClinton was predicted to win 206 electoral college votes while Trump was expected to get 164. The remaining 168 were toss ups from states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania that were too close to call.This compared to afinal resultof Trump gaining 306electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 232.This is because he managed to claim crucial swing states such as Iowa, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania, jumping through the all the loops that pollsters claimed were so small.It is in these states that the election was won and lost with these six awarding a total of 104 electoral college votes to Trump and it is here that the polls were wrong. cheap adidas

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