Such buildings were even built 200 years ago and some of them

Remove anything that does not belong in the break room. Eliminate the overflow storage, remove the office equipment and do not use the break room as a training area for new hires. If an item has nothing to do with eating and relaxing, removing it is a must.

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Straw densely packed together can help to build walls that literally keep all the heat out of the home. Such buildings were even built 200 years ago and some of them are still standing. Bamboo houses will be similar to log cabins, and their use as a building material is probable more common in areas where this grass does grow in plenty..

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4th Rehearsal. Now the time to practice with an audience to continue building your confidence and get some constructive feedback. Dan asked some supportive colleagues to point out any distracting mannerisms and suggest what he might consider doing differently.

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