Six years ago, when I regularly wrote a sports column before

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moncler chicago Though I had the opportunity to dabble in a few pieces over the last six years, they were only forays that had to be made because the events were too big to ignore Sachin Tendulkar retirement, an Indian gymnast almost winning a medal at the Olympics, a near cleansing of the Indian cricket board.Six years ago, when I regularly wrote a sports column before entering the dark alley of crime, politics and policy of my own volition, the landscape I left behind was dramatically different from what it looks like today. Here is a lay of the land: cricket grounds in India still reverberated with chants of Sach in Michael Schumacher was in the cockpit of a Mercedes, not winning any more but still living life in the fast lane; LeBron James was a turncoat who had abandoned Cleveland; moncler outlet jackets Lance Armstrong was not a certified drug cheat; and Virat Kohli highest Test score was 116.It was a time, not long gone, when the Indian sporting horizon began and ended with just one sport. Sure, Abhinav Bindra had already won a gold medal at Beijing 2008, and London 2012 had given India a record six medals, but the larger story of Indian sport revolved around the bat and the ball (more bat than ball).The tales that filtered in from outside the cricket ground were about sports administrators going on luxury foreign trips as Chefs de Mission and observers; squatting as federation chiefs for decades while athletes struggled moncler outlet to make ends meet; young players living in abandoned railway compartments instead of hotels during training camps; and international sportspeople being treated as second class citizens when they should been hailed as heroes.Back then, the only way an athlete could get noticed and be marked out for elite training was by achieving a dramatic result in an international competition, which was difficult because they weren given the facilities needed to achieve it. moncler chicago

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