Maybe making a push for Landon Collins if by some miracle the

That said, safety is pretty low on the list of needs; certainly pass rusher, center and receiver are higher priorities, arguably ILB too. Maybe making a push for Landon Collins if by some miracle the Giants don resign/tag him would be a better option, or failing that Tyrann Mathieu and Earl Thomas are both free agents this offseason too. In terms of FA receivers cheapjerseysalon, if we can resign John Brown then I want to pursue Tyrell Williams.In terms of realistic prospects, assuming we picking in the 16 25 range, some guys I consider are Tyler Biadasz from Wisconsin (possibly the best center prospect in years, and I not just saying that as a biased Badger fan); Dalton Risner from Kansas St (versatile o lineman who we can put in anywhere on the line); Josh Allen from Kentucky, Zach Allen from BC and Jachai Polite from Florida (all highly athletic pass rushers who are freaky in some way or another).

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