However, no legal services were actually provided and the law

The SEC alleges that when the fraud was finally revealed, Satyam then Chairman, B. Ramalinga Raju, declared that maintaining Satyam inflated revenues and profits like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten. And other former senior and mid level Satyam executives, as well as two lead engagement partners from Satyam former external audit firm, are defendants in a criminal trial now underway in India..

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The result was $1.1 million in profits for Stryker. The subsidiary reimbursed the Mexico based law firm for the bribe and booked the payment as a legitimate legal expense. However, no legal services were actually provided and the law firm simply acted as a funnel to pay the bribe..

They take >15 iron to repair. You only losing like 5% of the resource cost. I can understand if you wanted the durability AND the repair costs to go up. It also worth noting that Monsanto donates the money that they receive from lawsuits to charitable causes. They aren the litigious beast that Food Inc. Claims..

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While all of this would make the home more convenient the biggest boon to having smart appliances is that they could recognize when something was wrong with them and report it to you like an early warning system. Let’s say the dishwasher notices a problem with the water pressure or the hot water heater is experiencing unusually high temperatures; these units could shut themselves down and report the problem to you immediately by sending an email to your cell phone. All of these appliances would be interfaced with a similar system to what is currently being marketed by the Planet Vision Company..

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