Her answer? “Mum, I’m thinking about how beautiful you are”‘

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canada goose store Just after finishing the first canada goose chilliwack black friday chorus of the ballad “Don’t Go to Strangers,” Etta Jones offers an aside to the Sunday afternoon audience at Baltimore’s Famous Ballroom: “Ms. Billie Holiday might have said it like this.” What follows is both jazz time travel and homage, as Jones changes her tone to interpret the melody canada goose outlet in chicago in a way that affectionately (and convincingly) evokes Holiday’s curling phrases and bemused, carefree personality. That’s just one reason to check this energetic recently unearthed date from 1972, which finds Jones fronting an A list rhythm section (pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Sam Jones, drummer Billy Higgins) and pouring charm and sensitivity into songs associated with Nina Simone (“For All We Know”) and Dionne Warwick (“This Girl’s In Love With You.”) The other Etta (James) snagged more of the limelight, but this set argues for Jones as a thoroughly original and fiercely magnetic presence behind the microphone. canada goose store

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uk canada goose In the final act of this passion play, the woman vindicates herself of her jailers: “Slo Dios puede juzgarme / Slo a l debo obediencia,” she invokes, half believing. The omnipotence of even God falls away before her own carnal justice: “Voy a tatuarme en la piel / Tu inicial / porque es la ma,” she sings, “Pa’ acordarme para siempre / De lo que me hiciste un da.” To remember, forever, what you did to me one day. Stefanie Fernandez. uk canada goose

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