First, you need to consider the overall length

Skip the tofurkey and go straight to hearty veg dishes built on legumes/grains/starches. Second, buy a good book about cooking vegetarian. Not because you a vegetarian, but because vegetarians know how to cook vegetables. For me they have the best counter attack and there a reason. They probably practise on that very hard and they probably practise that because they have no choice. Imagine of they would try to play football against this Brazil, so much space would open up in their backs..

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Once you get to upper levels, or if you are camping on a single level so that you can increase your cache of weapons and win fights easily, property income is likely going to be your largest source of income. Each lot you buy and building you place on it gives you a regenerating fee, the quickness of which depends on your selected class. Instead of spending your income from missions and what not on weapons right off the bat, you should begin acquiring property.

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